How to Start a Dropshipping Business: Side Hustle

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Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce where you sell products to customers at a higher price than you purchase them for, without having to hold any physical inventory. When a customer orders a product from your online store, the order is forwarded to the wholesaler, who then ships the product directly to the customer.

This business model is a great option for those who want to sell products online but don’t have the space or resources to store and manage a physical inventory. You can find a wide variety of products to sell through drop-shipping from wholesale sources like Ali-express.

If you’re interested in starting a drop-shipping business, there are many resources available to help you get started, including online courses and eBooks. With a little bit of research and effort, you can build a successful drop-shipping side hustle and start earning extra money online.

Getting Started

1. Research products: Use resources like Ecomhunt to identify products that are in high demand and likely to sell well. Consider the competition and margins for the products you’re considering, and choose one or a few products to focus on.

2. Set up your online store: Use a platform like Shopify to create and brand your online store. Choose a professional and attractive theme, and add your chosen products to your store.

3. Automate order fulfillment: Use a tool like Oberlo to automate the process of fulfilling orders and shipping products to customers. Simply add your products to Oberlo and specify the marked-up price you want to charge, and the tool will handle the rest, including placing orders with the wholesale supplier and tracking shipments.

4. Promote your store: Use social media platforms like TikTok to create eye-catching videos that showcase your products and drive traffic to your store. You can also use paid advertising, email marketing, and other strategies to promote your store and attract customers.

5. Monitor your sales and profits: Keep an eye on your sales and profits to see how your dropshipping business is performing. Make adjustments as needed to optimize your pricing, marketing, and other factors to maximize your profits.

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